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More Info (🤷‍♂️)

Through Barista Stimulus, you can donate to a single barista, to the entire staff of a coffee shop, or to the entire participating barista community.

To donate to a single barista, find their shop below and select their name.

To have your donation shared among the staff of a coffee shop, choose the coffee shop, select “Share Equally” and then ✨include the name of the shop✨ in Venmo’s “What’s it for” memo line.

To have your donation split evenly among everyone, select “ALL” below.

All donations are made directly to the recipient using Venmo. If you don’t have Venmo on your phone, download it here.
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ALL (Share Equally)
Three Pines Coffee  (🌲🌲🌲)
The Rose Establishment  (🌹🏠)
Blue Copper  (🔵 🚓)
The Daily  (🦙)
Publik (🍺 👅)