Welcome to SaltLake.BaristaStimulus, a space created by Salt Lake brand agency Figure 🤝 to support local coffee shops and employees during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

FAQ ⤵️

What is Barista Stimulus?

A website.

No, really.

Hard times call on all of us to give what we have. At Figure, we’re a brand design agency of writers, designers, and strategists, so branding and creativity are what we have to give. We built Barista Stimulus as a campaign and a platform to help people support their favorite coffee shops and baristas. So come in, make a donation, and escape from the news 📺 for a moment by exploring the carefully curated and quarantine-friendly content hidden within this virtual world 🐶.

Why baristas?

At a time when there are many folks in need, we wanted to do something to give back to the people who fuel our creativity.

How does it work?

Click the donate button, and you’ll surf the world wide web to a list of participating coffee shops and baristas. You can donate to an individual barista, to all of one shop’s employees, or to the entire participating community. To donate from your phone, simply tap your selection and you will be redirected to the Venmo app. To donate from your computer, open the Venmo app on your phone and scan the QR code shown next to the coffee shop or barista you want to support.

So I need to have the Venmo app on my phone?

Yes. You can get it here

It looks like some of these shops are open. Do baristas still need my support?

With social distancing restrictions still in place, and an uncertain future, shops are operating reduced hours with minimal staff. For example, only one of Three Pines (🌲🌲🌲) seven baristas is currently working.

Aren’t unemployed people eligible for unemployment?

Yes, but unemployment does not include tips, which are an important part of baristas’ compensation.

Is it better to donate here or support the open shops with my business?

Yes! We built this platform to make it easy to support baristas and shops in the way that feels right for you. Make a donation, then go buy a coffee or some beans to support Salt Lake’s vibrant coffee culture. That’s the power of “and.”

Why these coffee shops?

We’ve launched Barista Stimulus with a few of the shops we know best—those that have woven themselves into our daily routine. We’d love to have more. Our goal is to get this platform off the ground, put a few miles under the keel ⛵️, and — if it stays on the rails 🚂 — open it up to other coffee shops. We’re also hoping to stop mixing metaphors.

Can my Salt Lake coffee shop join the Barista Stimulus?

Yes! Email us at baristastimulus@figure.agency

Can my Portland / San Francisco / Elko / Reykjavik coffee shop join the Barista Stimulus?

That would be awesome. If you’re interested in launching Barista Stimulus in your town/state/country, shoot us an email at baristastimulus@figure.agency.

Does Barista Stimulus track donations?

For direct donations to baristas, your Venmo payment goes directly to their account, so Barista Stimulus doesn’t have visibility to those donations. For donations made to a shop or to all participating baristas, your payment goes to the Barista Stimulus Venmo account, and then 100% of the donations are shared among the recipients. All shared donations made through the Barista Stimulus Venmo account are tracked for transparency.

How much does Barista Stimulus take out of my donation?

Zero point zero zero zero percent 👌.
We do take a small percentage of the good feels, though.

Is my donation tax deductible?

No. Barista Stimulus is not a charitable organization. We’re simply a portal for connecting people to do a little good.

Is this a perfect solution?

Hell no. A far better solution to the crisis we’re in would maybe involve, I don’t know, a nationally coordinated and science-based strategy combining strict social distancing, mass testing, contact tracing, and PPE distribution with well-executed emergency loan and unemployment insurance systems, run by a functioning government elected via vote-by-mail. It would also address income inequality, institutional racism, and climate change. In the meantime, we’re trying to do something positive in our under-caffeinated corner of the world. Like Dad always said, “don’t let the perfect drive out the good.”

Any parting words of advice?

Stay home. Wash your hands. Be kind.